The Claridge Hotel
It’s time to liven up your Pesach vacation, The Claridge style! If you haven’t noticed, we’re a bit different here. An expansive banquet space, 460 luxurious suites, premier kosher dining options, 100k SQ of space…and did we mention the beautiful beach views? This is what you’re getting when you book your week here at The Claridge Hotel. What makes The Claridge Hotel a unique destination? We’ve brought a bit of that big-city etiquette and passion to a gorgeous natural landscape here in Atlantic City. The Claridge Hotel delivers an unbelievable family adventure for all ages, including the large ballrooms, an arcade, indoor pool, daily activities,  s’mores by the fire and a whole lot more! All of the excitement of a tropical getaway without having to get on a plane!


Our customers deserve the finest meals, 5 star service and Kosher LeMehadrin non-gebrokts catering.

We are proud to have our chef Jerry Reiner and his dedicated team join us for an experience you can count on for the entire Yom Tov.

24-hour tearoom – Special diet meals – Cholov Yisroel 

Hand Shmurah Matzah – Glaat Kosher – Lavish Buffet

We are 100% Non-gebrokts / Non-kitniyos under the strict Hashgocha of Rabbi Gruber


Our Dedicated team

Heshy Goldstein

Heshy Goldstein of Deluxe Retreats has run hotel programs and kosher tours around the world for over 8 years now. He works night and day to secure the best for his guests.

Rabbi Shlomo Gruber

With his scrupulous attention to detail and tremendous yiras shamayim, Rabbi Gruber’s presence ensures that our Pesach menus will not only be delicious, but adhere to the absolute highest standards of kashrus.

Jerry Reiner

Jerry comes with over 35 years of experience as an executive chef and over 16 years with Pesach at Main Events. We can’t wait to see what he will do for us.

Limited rooms available. Book Today!