Diny Adler is a shadchan in Flatbush, Brooklyn.  She has been involved with shidduchim for a year and a half and was matzliach with making seven shidduchim.

Her latest Whatsapp Singles Platform known as SOS (Support our Singles) group was started in August 2022.  It has taken off and currently has over 900 singles. The SOS Chat attracts the frum learning /working/professional (singles and divorced) girls ages 20 to 40 and boys ages 20 to 45.  The singles can choose whom they want to go out with in a frum modest way.

When one joins, each single sends their profile, picture, and description of what they are looking for.  Thirty profiles are posted on the chat daily by volunteer posters.   If someone is interested in a profile that was posted, they would contact her, and she would send his/her profile to the other party to see if he/she would be interested in meeting.  There is no direct contact between singles on the chat. All interactions go through the shadchan.

She spoke with Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky Shlita twice in the past few months and received a brocha to continue with redding shidduchim in this manner. Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky Shlita was mechazek all singles on the chat saying what greater mitzvah there is than to bring people together.  Lots of networking happens with this chat.  Singles think of their friends and many dates were set up with singles thinking of their friends.

Mothers can also join the chat to represent their children and choose appropriate matches.  There are also over 50 facilitators on the chat, who can also suggest matches for the singles posted.

Today, in only 5 months, over 230 first dates were set up and 5 couples became engaged, either by the boy initiating interest, the girl initiating interest, or as in the last shidduch, by the girl’s mother showing interest in a learning boy that was posted.

At present, Diny works with setting up all ages on and off the chat.

Diny Adler can be reached at 917 826 7663 preferably through Whatsapp.

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