Dr. Yael Respler is a psychotherapist in private practice in Brooklyn.  She writes a column for the Jewish Press, [Dear Dr. Yael] Dr. Respler released a DVD “Chutpah is Muktzah 2” .   More recently she is lecturing for Aneinu as well as having her own line
on Kol Haloshen.  To Hear Dr. Respler’s shiurim on Kol Haloshon dial : 718-906-6400 then  1-5-14

Dr. Yael Respler has lectured extensively in the U.S.A,  Canada and Switzerland.  Dr. Respler specializes in dealing with stress, dating issues, marriage counseling, the intimate relationship  and parenting conflicts.

She has run over 35 Shalom Bayis Workshops in her office and via Teleconference, 95 parenting workshops to date and   several weight loss hypnosis groups

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