Menachem Lubinsky is CEO of LUBICOM Business Consulting, which includes a full-
service public relations, advertising, and marketing firm that he founded in 1984. He
is a seasoned business executive whose successes have spanned many industries and
is particularly known for his role in the growth and development of the kosher food
Menachem Lubinsky is the recognized authority on the kosher food industry. In 1989,
he founded Kosherfest, the first-ever trade show for foods that are kosher certified,
with just 69 booths and little more than 700 visitors. In 2022 the show had grown to
nearly 400 booths and well over 7000 visitors. He is the founding publisher of Kosher
Today ( ), the leading trade publication on kosher for the
food industry with more than 12000 subscribers worldwide. He also writes “The
Business Monitor” a weekly column for Hamodia.
Menachem Lubinsky is co-chairman of The  International Committee for Har
Hazeisim (ICHH) founded in 2010 together with his brother Avraham following a
stinging report on the dismal and shameful conditions on Har Hazeisim. The ICHH is
credited with greatly improving security on Har HazeisIm where some 150,000 Jews,
including those dating back to the Nevi’im, are buried. Some of the measures that
ICHH was instrumental in instituting include a network of 176 surveillance cameras, a
local police station, new fencing and the deployment of the Border Patrol,
among other improvements. The ICHH is partnering with the Israeli Government and
the Municipality of Jerusalem in building a Visitor Education Center.
Menachem Lubinsky is a musmach from the Chevron Yeshiva in Yerushalayim. He also
graduated from the Bernard M. Baruch College of the City University of New York with
a BA in Business Management and Market Research. He later received his MBA. in
Marketing and Advertising from the same institution.

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