Rabbi Moshe Stamler

Moshe Stamler is a speaker, life coach, educator and counselor who specializes in at-risk youth, addictions, and children with behavioral and communication challenges.  He served as a rebbi and teacher at the Shalom Torah Academy in Marlboro, N.J. for ten years, then moved on to Yeshiva Derech Hatorah in Lakewood, where he still teaches.  He also runs group activities at Recovery at the Crossroads in Turnersville, N.J., a drug and alcohol rehab center.  Moshe is the founder of the Camp Chazak Wilderness Program, which offers summer expeditions for struggling or at-risk children, teens and young adults, and leads the camp every summer.  As a colleague at Recovery at the Crossroads has written, “Moshe quickly turns the environment into an opportunity to learn and have fun…the most resistant of clients soon are on board and participating in well thought out, clever exercises that build self-worth and a sense of purpose…yet his greatest contributions are kindness and compassion.”

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