Rochel Albert – Holistic Master Energy Therapist


Rochel Albert pours her passion & love for health, healing into everything she does.

Besides being a holistic kosher energy therapist focused on marriage, mental and emotional wellness, she is a biofeedback practitioner, health advocate, gem therapist, serial entrepreneur, product designer for the quantum healing line, mommy warrior of four awesome kids and a happy wife of 26 years. She also specialized in complex shalom bayis issues.
Rochel has authored three books, including “Medical Scams” and has appeared on radio and talk shows, including Elena Cardone’s Women in Power series. She is the driving force behind®. Rochel created the Energy Dynamics Program, a hybrid blend of kosher energy therapy modalities, after realizing a massive gap in the marketplace for kosher emotional & marriage energy therapy. She decided to share her system that she perfected to help others heal while becoming the best they can be. Her program is overseen by Dayan Rephoel Szmerla, world halachic authority on energy medicine.  The Energy Dynamics Program protocols are currently being studied in a clinical setting by Dr. Leah Luna, a veteran psychologist living in tzfat, Israel.  The findings are exciting.
Rochel will be soon releasing her latest book called “Challahs and Kallas,” Recipes for a Yummy Marriage, where she offers her best tips for releasing triggers, stressors and all the baggage we bring into our marriage, plus the best intimacy secrets to spice up your marriage that you may have been afraid to ask or perhaps were never told.

Class 1
Part 1, Hands-on Workshop: Ignite the Light of Yom Tov with Energy Therapy
(Needs to be before yom tov , to allow people to step into the light)
What is energy work?
Charge your hands, energy lines.
Write down a list of things that you believe steal your happiness and joy.
Release everything that is blocking the light and upsets you.
Step into the light. Set your intention. Make new friends.
Class 2
Part 2, Hands-on Workshop: Release the Bondage of Your Mental Mitzrim with Energy Therapy
1, Charge your hands.
2, Bringing up your lines, 2 finger rub
Release limiting and distorted beliefs.
Class 3
Hands-on Workshop: Release Your Marital and Intimacy
Blocks and Triggers with Breathwork/Energy Therapy
(Women only)

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