~ The Hotel ~

We Invite You to a Pesach Getaway Like No Other! Come to our Castle and be Treated Like Royalty.
Your home is your castle, but the spacious, luxurious Claridge Hotel actually looks like one. Once inside, you can expect a royal welcome! Our friendly staff offers gracious, personalized, white-glove service to our guests, making every stay a memorable one.
Located just 60 minutes from the Lakewood and 2 hours from New York City, the Claridge is the resort of choice for business and leisure travelers, and can accommodate over 3,000 guests. We invite you to discover the newly redesigned lobby, to connect with friends or colleagues. The hotel boasts an indoor swimming pool. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the hotel is just a few feet from the beach. Relax in one of our beautifully appointed 460 guest rooms, featuring upscale décor and spotless, comfortable furniture. Whatever your need or desire, our staff is here to assist you 24 hours a day. The Claridge features many great features that makes this hotel the ultimate choice for a Pesach program.
With over 4 floors of ballroom space (100,000 sf to be exact), allowing us to utilize each floor for multiple functions throughout Yom Tov, gives us the ability to allow each guest to feel like being in a resort but under one roof. The unique design gives that feel like you belong. It's fresh, different and iconic. An indoor pool and a roof top overseeing the entire Atlantic City is a breath of fresh air. The rooms are well maintained and many have ocean views and a jacuzzi. 24 hour security to give you the peace of mind knowing we are doing our part to keep you safe.

~ The Gourmet Cuisine ~

At Pesach time, Jews are enjoined to dine like royalty, in celebration of our status as free people. This Pesach, thanks to the outstanding talent and expertise of master chef Jerry Reiner and his dedicated team, guests at the Claridge will feast like kings on his five-star gourmet cuisine. Chef Reiner has honed his skills for 30 years, overseeing food preparation for Pesach programs with Main Events Caterers for over 15 years. There he earned a reputation for impeccable professionalism and artistic presentation. At the Claridge, his succulent menus will include only the finest ingredients, from Chilean sea bass to choice roasts to tender capon. While his upscale offerings are sure to delight even the most discriminating palate, he is also planning to offer Jewish standards for those who prefer a strong taste of tradition on their Seder tables. Our Pesach kitchen will be under the supervision of Harav Shlomo Gruber shlita, and will conform to the highest standards of kashrus. Our cuisine will be non-gebrokts and kitniyos-free, with meat from Chassidische shechita. All dairy products will be chalav Yisrael. With these standards in place, even the most stringent guests can relax and enjoy our chef’s exquisite meals. We are all kings on Pesach and we will treat you like one! True gourmet meals made by our executive chef Jerry Reiner awaits you 3 times a day. If you choose to sit on your own table or to be joined with others, each table is set with the finest dinnerware to give you the true feeling of a your home away from home. 24 hour fully stocked tea room will give you that feeling that your on a dream vacation and just wish it would never end.

~ The Entertainment ~

We have the entertainment for young and old and everything in between. Babysitting or tournaments, day camp or daily shows, we got you covered day and night.
Ladies, we’ve arranged some special activities just for you! After Yom Tov resting and Chef Reiner's gourmet repasts, you’ll be ready to expend some energy with fun, invigorating exercise sessions led by Tzipora Moses in Toms River. Getting in shape was never so fun, as you work out those muscles to the beat of Jewish music! You’ll be treated on Chol Hamoed to a concert by singer Ilana Farbstein Ilana's gorgeous voice and compelling stage presence will truly move and impress you! After all, don’t the ladies deserve a kumsitz of their very own? You can look forward to reveling in Ilana’s beautiful music and adding your voice to hers. Calling all artists and would-be artists: We have a Paint Night scheduled for you to try your hand at putting paint to canvas. You’ll bring home a masterpiece! Yom Tov calls for spiritual uplift, and we have some special shiurim just for women lined up. In addition, we’ve organized roundtable discussions on topics like chinuch habanim and the role of Jewish women today. We’re sure our esteemed women guests will have much wisdom to offer each other, and enjoy the opportunity to exchange ideas and make new friends.
With day camp running every day of Yom Tov, and a fabulous lineup of exciting activities, your kids won’t be bored for a second! As they arrive erev Pesach, they’ll be whisked off to make their choice of special projects to use at the Seder. Mommies and bubbies are welcome to join them as they create these masterpieces! Day camp begins on the very first day of Yom Tov, led by our enthusiastic professional staff. At the end of every day of day camp we’ll have super-special shows. We’ll be bringing in a magician, a balloon man, a juggler, and a wildlife show! And the last day of Chol Hamoed, you can look forward to an amazing Carnival Extravaganza, complete with rides, games and prizes! We guarantee this Pesach will leave your kids with memories they’ll treasure forever.

~ The Service ~

A maître d' and highly qualified waiters that knows Pesach! With over 25 years of Pesach experience, having the best team gives an entire new meaning to "white glove service".